Bilingual Mandarin-English Montessori Early Education Center

Happy Munchkins Day School

Learn, Play, Fun and Grow


Child Care and Preschool Curriculum

At Happy Munchkins Day School we understand the importance of early childhood development. With this in mind,  our curriculum is based on our 15+ years of experience in early childhood education and is designed to provide developmentally guidance which suits each individual's strength and talent.  With professional childcare teachers at their sides, our curriculum is assured each child of getting care they need, developing intellectually, socially and cognitively through varied well designed learning materials, activities,  and social interactions.  

*Graphic Source (Center on Developing Childhood - Harvard University)

Curriculum compoments

Language Arts


Develop love of language through games, stories, music & movements. 

Math is FUN


Counting,sorting, patterning and problem solving - we have lots of fun at school!

Science Exploring


Though science exploring activities we stimulate children's interests in exploring, experiments and questioning. 

Arts Appreciation


Arts, music, dance, theater - we will uncover our talents and learn how to use them to express ourselves!

Culture Respect


As bilingual school, we promote respect for culture diversity and value the culture heritage. We will learn respect for our world, our society and environment. 

Healthy Mind and Body


Through our daily routine we will promote and encourage positive attitude towards healthy habits, nutrition and physical activities.